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Healthy snacks for your child with type 1 diabetes

The rules of snacking:

Priority number one is avoiding a carbohydrate overload.

A good rule of thumb is to keep snacks to around 15 grams or less, and make sure they’re:

  • high in fiber
  • high in protein
  • nutrient dense
  • low in carbohydrates

Most whole, unprocessed foods like vegetables, nuts and many fruits boast one or more of these benefits.

Know what’s in your food and be sure to check your blood sugar levels before and after trying foods to know exactly how they affect you. 

Best snacking options:

  1. Boiled eggs
  2. Clear soups – veg or non-veg
  3. Thin buttermilk
  4. Salted lemon water
  5. 1/2 -1 small apple, pear or orange
  6. Pistas and almonds 
  7. Sprouted moong
  8. Chicken – tandoori/grilled
  9. Fish – grilled/ steamed
  10. Popcorn
  11. Grilled or sauted vegetables
  12. Grilled or sauted mushrooms
  13. Murmura
  14. Chana
  15. Soy milk
  16. Low fat yoghurt
  17. Low fat paneer
  18. Moong/Sprout dosa (Pesarattu)
  19. Tomato juice
  20. Salads – carrot /cucumber/ tomato
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